Suffolk Coastal Local Plan Review

Issues and Options (online version)

Part 1 - Strategic / Cross Boundary Issues for Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk Coastal District Council

Why are we preparing this document?

Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk Coastal District Council are preparing new Local Plans for their areas, to look ahead to 2036. These Local Plans will either be prepared jointly, or aligned to provide an integrated spatial strategy across the two local planning authority areas. This is your first opportunity to take part in their preparation. This work is being undertaken in parallel with the Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council Joint Local Plan.

A Local Plan sets out the level of growth which needs to be planned in an area and identifies where that growth should be located and how it should be delivered. A Local Plan also sets out planning policies used to determine planning applications.

The purpose of planning is to help achieve sustainable development. To do this, it is important that Local Plans take account of how people live their lives. This means looking at all the inter-relationships between where people live, work, are educated, do their shopping, and pursue leisure, cultural and sporting activities.

The boundary around Ipswich Borough is tightly drawn and does not include the whole of the town, for example the communities of Pinewood and Kesgrave lie outside the administrative area of Ipswich Borough. Therefore, to ensure that future development is sustainable, deliverable, supported by infrastructure and creates good quality places for people, the local planning authorities are working together to consider jointly the scale and distribution of growth needed across Ipswich Borough and Suffolk Coastal, within the Ipswich Housing Market Area (HMA).

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils are also working together to prepare a new Joint Local Plan document that will detail strategic issues and the approach to development in that part of the Ipswich HMA. The timetable for its preparation is closely aligned with that of Suffolk Coastal and Ipswich and beyond this current consultation all four local authorities will be addressing the feedback and cross boundary strategic policy issues collaboratively.

For this stage, Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk Coastal District Council are considering the strategic issues together, whilst addressing more local choices individually. Thus detailed planning matters, such as the design of development, will be addressed by each of the local planning authorities taking into account local aspirations and characteristics.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF, paragraph 156) outlines the range of strategic priorities that a Local Plan should seek to address:

  1. The homes and jobs needed in the area;
  2. The provision of retail, leisure and other commercial development;
  3. The provision of infrastructure for transport, telecommunications, waste management, water supply, wastewater, flood risk and coastal change management, and the provision of minerals and energy (including heat);
  4. The provision of health, security, community and cultural infrastructure and other local facilities; and
  5. Climate change mitigation and adaptation, conservation and enhancement of the natural and historic environment, including landscape.

Some of these matters will be dealt with at this stage and some picked up at subsequent stages in plan preparation, as more detail emerges about the likely scale and location of growth.

This consultation aims to gather your views on the levels of growth we need to plan for over the period to 2036, and where that growth should be located.