Suffolk Coastal Local Plan Review

Issues and Options (online version)

Part 2 - Introduction: Local Plan for Suffolk Coastal

Suffolk Coastal District is a uniquely attractive place to live and work, combining a strong economy with a natural and built environment second to none. Those advantages however present the Council with the challenge of balancing the delivery of development that continues to stimulate and support the economy and provides attractive and affordable homes for current and future generations, with the need to preserve and enhance the precious, but sometimes vulnerable environment.

The strategic cross boundary issues identified in Part 1 of the consultation document need to be considered alongside the more locally specific issues facing Suffolk Coastal district in Part 2.

Many of the issues identified in Part 2 are already being addressed by policies within the Suffolk Coastal Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plans and currently comprise the following:

  • Core Strategy and Development Management Policies - adopted July 2013,
  • Site Allocations and Area Specific Policies - adopted January 2017,
  • Felixstowe Peninsula Area Action Plan - adopted January 2017,
  • Rendlesham Neighbourhood Plan - adopted March 2015,
  • Framlingham Neighbourhood Plan - adopted March 2017,
  • Great Bealings Neighbourhood Plan - adopted March 2017,
  • Leiston Neighbourhood Plan - adopted March 2017.

The Local Plan Review provides the opportunity to consider all issues and topics and identify where current policies are working successfully or where they could be amended to aid implementation and improve the quality of life across the district.

The Issues and Options in Part 2 have been informed by current and emerging Government policy, local strategies and plans, including the East Suffolk Business Plan and current Local Plan policies, and a range of evidence bases.

In May/June 2016, the Council undertook early engagement workshops with town and parish councils across the district to aid understanding of current issues and how the existing Local Plan policies are delivering sustainable communities in Suffolk Coastal. These workshops have also helped inform the issues identified in Part 2.

The following sections address a range of topics, provide background and context to the topic and pose a series of questions which the Council would welcome your views on as part of this Issues and Options consultation. In this section, the focus is on communities in Suffolk Coastal but should you consider any of these to be cross boundary issues then please let us know in your consultation response.