Final Draft Local Plan

12 Area Specific Strategies

12.1 This part of the Plan sets out the strategy for specific parts of the District including the Major Centres of Felixstowe and the communities neighbouring Ipswich, the towns and the rural areas. This reflects the strategy of the Plan which looks to create two new Garden Neighbourhoods to the north of Felixstowe and the south of Saxmundham, respond to opportunities presented by transport connections, and sustain and enhance the vitality of the rural parts of the District.

12.2 The areas are considered below in Settlement Hierarchy order, following the section on Neighbourhood Plans, as follows:

  • Neighbourhood Plans
  • Approach to Site Allocations
  • Strategy for Felixstowe
  • Strategy for Communities Surrounding Ipswich
  • Strategy for Aldeburgh
  • Strategy for Framlingham
  • Strategy for Leiston
  • Strategy for Saxmundham
  • Strategy for Woodbridge
  • Strategy for the Rural Areas