Suffolk Coastal Local Plan - Final Draft

Final Draft Local Plan

12 Strategy for Leiston

Key Statistics for Leiston

268 Key Statistics for Leiston[1]

12.270 In March 2017, the Leiston Neighbourhood Plan was 'made' as part of the Suffolk Coastal Development Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan sets out a vision and strategy for Leiston which the District Council strongly supports. The Neighbourhood Plan allocates sites for a variety of uses including residential, employment, car parking and tourism which will guide the future development in Leiston until 2029. All of these allocations are shown on the Policies Map.

12.271 It is important for this Local Plan to ensure that the principles within the Neighbourhood Plan and the vision are retained up to 2036 to facilitate a review of the Neighbourhood Plan when the local community considers it necessary.

12.272 Given the significant level of development being brought forward in Leiston through the Neighbourhood Plan and planning applications, it is not considered necessary for this Local Plan to allocate further development in the town. However, a key part of the relationship between the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plans is to provide direction on housing requirements. Growth in Leiston to 2029 is already planned for, so it is not anticipated that any future growth will come forward until post 2029.

12.273 By 2036, Leiston will have continued to thrive as a community that recognises and embraces its industrial heritage whilst serving its residents and surrounding communities. Sizewell nuclear power station has an influence on Leiston and over the plan period nationally significant decisions made in respect of Sizewell C or other major energy projects will have impacts locally which the Neighbourhood Plan (or Local Plan) will seek to mitigate in future revisions. This may include planning policies in respect of local housing needs, the private rented sector and houses of multiple occupation (HMO).

12.274 Decisions made in respect of Major Energy Infrastructure proposals will be informed by Local Plan Policy SCLP3.5 and it is anticipated that these will have a significant impact on the community of Leiston. It is imperative that the Council and the local community work in partnership to ensure that any impacts of these projects are mitigated to the benefit of Leiston and also the wider natural environment.

12.275 Leiston is located within the setting of the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB. It is an area which makes a significant contribution to the District's economy and provides a variety of employment opportunities. To support these employment opportunities and activities the Local Plan requires a sufficient mix of community facilities, services and residential development over the plan period as outlined in the Leiston Neighbourhood Plan.

12.276 The Leiston Neighbourhood Plan identifies allocations in the town to come forward over the period to 2029. As a market town, it is appropriate that some additional growth is identified to come forward in Leiston during the latter part of the Local Plan period. The Local Plan therefore identifies a figure of 100 dwellings, to come forward towards the later stages of the plan period above that which is already allocated in the Leiston Neighbourhood Plan or with planning permission. As outlined in the Spatial Distribution of Housing, this equates to 2% of the growth to be planned for through the Local Plan (see Table 3.4).

12.277 The Neighbourhood Planning Regulations require Neighbourhood Plans to be kept under review and in conformity with the Local Plan. In the short to medium term the policies within this Local Plan will not require a review of the Neighbourhood Plan but in the longer term this may be required to identify sites to meet the housing requirement outlined in the Spatial Distribution of Housing for the later stages of the plan period.

1. Data sources provided in Appendix I – Glossary and Acronyms [back]