Suffolk Coastal Local Plan - Final Draft

Final Draft Local Plan

12 Approach to Site Allocations

Site Allocations

12.11 In order to ensure that the strategy of the Local Plan is delivered, and to provide a degree of certainty to communities, landowners and developers in relation to the scale and location of growth which will come forward during the Local Plan period, the Local Plan allocates sites for housing and employment development.

12.12 The approach to site allocations is based primarily around delivering the strategy of the Local Plan, through strategic mixed use allocations for new Garden Neighbourhoods in Felixstowe and Saxmundham, and focussing strategic employment allocations in relation to the Port of Felixstowe and the A14/A12.

12.13 A 'call for sites' was undertaken in autumn 2016 which invited sites to be submitted for consideration for allocation through the Local Plan review. Sites submitted, along with sites which had been submitted through previous consultations and call for sites exercises, were presented in the 2017 Issues and Options consultation document. The 2017 consultation also invited further sites to be submitted. A small number of further additional sites were submitted through the consultation on the First Draft Local Plan.

12.14 Criteria for assessing a site's suitability were developed to align broadly with other local planning authorities in the Ipswich Strategic Planning Area (Babergh District Council, Mid Suffolk District Council and Ipswich Borough Council). The criteria cover the following topics:

  • Access to Site;
  • Utilities Capacity;
  • Utilities Infrastructure;
  • Contamination;
  • Flood Risk;
  • Coastal Change;
  • Market Attractiveness;
  • Landscape / Townscape;
  • Biodiversity and Geodiversity;
  • Historic Environment;
  • Open Space;
  • Transport and Roads; and
  • Contributions to Regeneration / Re-use

12.15 The outcome of this site assessment work is presented in the Strategic Housing and Employment Land availability Assessment (SHELAA).

12.16 The Settlement Hierarchy forms the starting point for identifying potential locations for site allocations, whereby Major Centres, Towns, Large Villages and Small Villages are considered in principle to be suitable locations for development. Consideration was then given to the opportunities and constraints present in each settlement, in particular in relation to:

  • The existence of suitable sites;
  • Capacity of infrastructure, such as schools and highways;
  • Consultation responses and feedback from one to one sessions held with Town and Parish Councils; and
  • Environmental constraints.

12.17 Following this, potential sites were considered further in settlements where it was considered that there was potential for development. This involved considering the outputs of the SHELAA and the Sustainability Appraisals of sites, the relationship of the site to the settlement form and character, as well as consultation responses received in relation to specific sites.

12.18 By using the evidence provided in the Ipswich Economic Area Sector Needs Assessment (September 2017) and the Employment Land Supply Assessment (2018), the Council is able to direct employment related allocations to those sites within the identified areas most attractive to the market. Directing future allocations into these areas will ensure that the Council has greater confidence in the deliverability of these sites over the plan period. The Council also commissioned a Port of Felixstowe Growth and Development Needs Study (2018) which has helped to inform the selection of an allocation at Innocence Farm, Trimley to meet the future needs related to the Port.

12.19 This Local Plan has reviewed and carries forward the unimplemented allocations (as at 31st March 2018) contained in the Site Allocations and Area Specific Policies Development Plan Document and the Felixstowe Peninsula Area Action Plan Development Plan Document (see Table 12.3 and Table 12.4).

Table 12.3: Site allocations carried forward from Site Allocations and Area Specific Policies Development Plan Document (January 2017)

Reference number in Site Allocations and Area Specific Policies DPD

Policy SSP3 - Land rear of Rose Hill, Saxmundham Road, Aldeburgh (Policy SCLP12.27)

Policy SSP4 - Land to the East of Aldeburgh Road, Aldringham (Policy SCLP12.43)

Policy SSP8 - Land opposite Townsfield Cottages, Dennington (Part of SCLP12.50)

Policy SSP10 - Land south of Ambleside, Main Road, Kelsale cum Carlton (SCLP12.53)

Policy SSP11 - Land north of Mill Close, Orford (SCLP12.58)

Policy SSP12 - Land west of Garden Square, Rendlesham (SCLP12.62)

Policy SSP13 - Land east of Redwald Road, Rendlesham (SCLP12.63)

Policy SSP14 - Land north-east of Street Farm, Saxmundham (SCLP12.30)

Policy SSP15 - Land opposite The Sorrel Horse, The Street, Shottisham (SCLP12.64)

Policy SSP17 - Land south of Lower Road, Westerfield (SCLP12.68)

Policy SSP19 - Land at Street Farm, Witnesham (Bridge) (SCLP12.72)

Policy SSP20 - Ransomes, Nacton Heath (SCLP12.21)

Policy SSP21 - Land at Silverlace Green (former airfield) Parham (SCLP12.39)

Policy SSP22 - Former airfield Parham (SCLP12.40)

Policy SSP23 - Former airfield Debach (SCLP12.36)

Policy SSP24 - Bentwaters Park, Rendlesham (SCLP12.41)

Policy SSP25 - Carlton Park, Main Road, Kelsale cum Carlton (SCLP12.37)

Policy SSP26 - Levington Park, Levington (SCLP12.38)

Policy SSP27 - Riverside Industrial Estate, Border Cot Lane, Wickham Market (SCLP12.42)


Table 12.4: Site allocations carried forward from Felixstowe Peninsula Area Action Plan (January 2017)

Reference number in Felixstowe Peninsula Area Action Plan (January 2017)

Policy FPP3: Land at Sea Road, Felixstowe (SCLP12.6)

Policy FPP5: Land north of Conway Close and Swallow Close, Felixstowe (SCLP12.4)

Policy FPP7: Land off Howlett Way, Trimley St Martin (SCLP12.65)

Policy FPP9: Port of Felixstowe (SCLP12.7)

Policy FPP10: Land at Bridge Road, Felixstowe (SCLP12.8)

Policy FPP11: Land at Carr Road/Langer Road, Felixstowe (SCLP12.9)

Policy FPP12: Land at Haven Exchange, Felixstowe (SCLP12.10)