Suffolk Coastal Local Plan - Final Draft

Document Section Final Draft Local Plan 12 Strategy for Communities Surrounding Ipswich Policy SCLP12.18: Strategy for Communities surrounding Ipswich [View all comments on this section]
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Respondent Cody, Jane [View all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 25 Feb 2019
Do you consider this part of the Plan to be unsound because it's not:
  • Justified
  • Effective
Details of Representation

1. [Not justified] Para 12.173 "east of Ipswich" classification and definition, strong relationship with Ipswich, collective classification as a Major Centre - not correct/clear/justified and contrary to non coalescence policy.

2. [Not justified] Paragraph 12.179 refers to the Police HQ in Martlesham Heath being "brownfield land" when in fact approximately 50% of this land is playing fields and woods. This land also lies adjacent to an important local woodland, Portal Woodlands, with a very active conservation group.  

3. [Not effective] The last paragraph of the Policy "Economic proposals......." is not very clear and might be used by skilful barristers as a broad brush caveat/means of exception to other policies?

Please set out what change(s) you consider necessary to make the Local Plan legally compliant or sound

1. Re classify individual settlements, currently in "east of Ipswich" grouping, as small towns, villages etc rather than one amorphous "Major Centre"

2. Correct the error re Martlesham Heath Police HQ

3. Make the last paragraph on "Economoc proposals..." more specific and clearer.