Suffolk Coastal Local Plan - Final Draft

Document Section Final Draft Local Plan 12 Strategy for Communities Surrounding Ipswich Suffolk Police Headquarters, Portal Avenue, Martlesham Heath Policy SCLP12.25: Suffolk Police HQ, Portal Avenue, Martlesham [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 25 Feb 2019
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Details of Representation

Change of use argument

In Consultation Statement page 537 et seq Suffolk Constabulary state “the Suffolk Constabulary Headquarters in Martlesham Heath are currently occupied but do not provide the type of employment that is covered by Policy SCLP4.4. The Police intend to vacate the site during the plan period and seek a specific residential allocation for this site within the Local Plan.”

Our view is that this is, by any reasonable assessment, an employment site and hence SCLP 4.4 should apply.

Retaining it as such would sit comfortably with the statement in 12.174 of the Final Draft which says “employment opportunities in this part of the district are focused on Ipswich and other large scale areas of economic activity such as Martlesham Heath and Ransomes Europark to the south east Ipswich. These areas of employment are to be retained over the plan period and where possible enhanced to ensure economic benefits are realised.”

We note that there are very limited areas for growth of employment areas in Martlesham other than within the existing almost fully developed physical limits of the retail and business areas, plus Adastral Park itself.

Change of use is therefore opposed by the Parish Council. It should remain as an employment site which will sustainably accessible by existing residents and those occupying the Brightwell Lakes development.

The business types carried out on the site should be commensurate with its location. Some of the site should remain as sport facilities accessible by residents.

Please set out what change(s) you consider necessary to make the Local Plan legally compliant or sound

Our preference is for withdrawal of the policy. At a minimum Martlesham Parish Council would like to be involved in redrafting this policy. 

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Inconsistent with made Martlesham NP.

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