Suffolk Coastal Local Plan - Final Draft

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Response Date 25 Feb 2019
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The Area to the East of Ipswich benefits from being the most sustainable in terms of the availability of facilities and services in the surrounding area. Furthermore, it benefits from accessibility to a far wider range of employment opportunities than other locations in the District and is attractive to a wide demographic. As indicated in response to the Settlement Hierarchy (SCLP3.2) it is not a justified position to suggest that Felixstowe operates at the same level as this part of the district or that the Market Town of Saxmundham is a sustainable option for strategic levels of growth ahead of supporting additional development in the highly sustainable East of Ipswich area.

A significant opportunity exists to enable strategic growth at Orwell Green. The proposal has the ability to support junction improvements in the area. Its allocation could also assist in supporting the business case for strategic infrastructure in this area and would not contribute to the potential ‘blight’ in terms of future options for the Ipswich Northern Route that is highlighted as a concern at paragraph 12.178 of the Plan. Indeed, it is also a logical long term location that can support the delivery to meet the housing needs of Suffolk Coastal and the wider Ipswich Strategic Planning Area where necessary and support the infrastructure priorities of the wider Ipswich Strategic Planning Area.

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