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Response Date 25 Mar 2019
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Policy SCLP 7.2 Parking Proposals and Standards

5.1 Pigeon recognises that it is important when considering proposals for parking to incorporate sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), permeable surfacing materials and means of protecting water quality in drainage schemes, where possible. However, Pigeon would raise an objection to Policy SCLP 7.2 as currently worded on the basis that part (d) of the policy is considered onerous and therefore not ‘consistent with national policy’.

5.2 Pigeon is committed to developing schemes which incorporates the appropriate level of parking and addresses any drainage issues on site via the incorporation of SuDS. However the Policy, in particular part (d) applies a blanket approach to schemes necessitating the need for SuDs and other drainage requirements resulting from vehicle parking where there may not always be a need. As such there needs to be a degree of flexibility incorporated into the Policy.

Please set out what change(s) you consider necessary to make the Local Plan legally compliant or sound

5.3 For the reasons set out above, Pigeon object to Policy SCLP7.2 on the basis that it is not consistent with national policy. To be considered sound, it is suggested that the Policy is re-worded as follows:

Policy SCLP7.2: Parking Proposals and Standards

The Council will work with partners to ensure that vehicle parking provision is protected and managed to support the economy and sustainable communities. The level of parking provision required will depend on the location, type and intensity of use. Proposals that minimise congestion, encourage sustainable transport modes and reduce conflict between road users across the District will be supported.

Proposals involving vehicle parking will be supported where they take opportunities to make efficient use of land and they include:

a) The provision of safe, secure, and convenient off-street parking of an appropriate size and quantity including addressing the need for parking or secure storage for cars, cycles and motorcycles, and where relevant, coaches and lorries;
b) Opportunities to reduce the recognised problem of anti-social parking or potential problems that may arise which impacts the quality of life or vitality of an area for residents and visitors;
c) Appropriate provision for vehicle charging points and ancillary infrastructure associated with the increased use of low emission vehicles; and
d) The incorporation of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), permeable surfacing materials and means of protecting water quality in drainage schemes to be provided where appropriate should be ensured.

Where proposals involve public transport improvements or redevelopments, the Council will encourage the provision of Park & Ride facilities, if appropriate.

Proposals will be expected to meet the parking standards contained in the 2015 Suffolk Guidance for Parking (or subsequent revisions) where they do not relate to ‘Residential Parking Design’ unless other local planning considerations indicate otherwise. Proposals should also accord with both the East Suffolk Area Parking Plan and the Suffolk Parking Management Strategy, or Neighbourhood Plans for the area where applicable.

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