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Allen, Katherine 05 Jul 2020

Main Modifications MM86

  • Comment ID: 164
Dear Sir, The bulk of this comment is the valid objections raised by Grundisburgh & Culpho Parish Council.Their objections appear to us to be unanswerable. In addition, as residents of Lower Rd, which becomes Park Rd at the crossroads to the S-E of the proposed site, we are staggered that this site is in any way preferable to the original proposed development on Ipswich Rd, where access was far less dangerous. My three sons and I cycle or walk daily up Park Road (no footpath) and regularly hav
Allen, Katherine 05 Jul 2020

Main Modifications MM05

  • Comment ID: 527
During the last examination of the Local Plan, reference was made to this Suffolk County Council project which aims to reduce the air pollution in Ipswich, with funding from various methods including Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy. MM5 does not specify how the funds would be raised; it lacks clarity. The Parish Council strongly recommends that ESC apply this to the Grundisburgh site as a way of spreading the cost of a very expensive project.